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What should I do in case of an emergency like water dripping from my ceiling?
Safety should always be the chief concern. If there are any electrical appliances close to the leak, turn the electricity off at the house’s main breaker. Then, turn off the main water shut off valve.  A broken pipe could release over 10 gallons of water per minute, so shutting off the main water shut off valve as soon as possible is critical.  Next call Foster’s Professional Plumbing to repair the leak.
What should I do if my water bill unexpectedly increases? 
Water bills are usually stable. Sudden increases in water usage and your water bill are usually the results of a bigger problem. If you notice that your water bill jumps by more than 15% from one month to the next without any obvious causes (such as guests using water or a new water fixture) it is important to identify the cause of the increased water usage.  A drastic unexpected increase in your water bill is almost always caused by a leak somewhere. If you cannot locate the leak in your house search your property:  there could be a leak in a water line somewhere on your property outside the house.  Whether you can find the leak or not you should call a professional to locate and/or repair the leak as soon as possible.  Even a relatively minor leak could cost you several hundred dollars per year in wasted water.
What can I do to quickly and easily reduce my water consumption?
Every appliance and fixture in your home that uses water when operating contributes to your water consumption, so consider ways to reduce water consumption for each appliance or fixture. Simple and easy ways to reduce your water consumption are:
i. Installing Low flush toilets
ii. Installing Low flow faucets
iii. Using the dishwasher only for full loads
iv. Installing an energy and water efficient washing machine
v. Repairing drips and leaks as soon as possible
What can I do about my foul smelling drains?
Drains are manufactured to prevent foul smelling sewer gasses from traveling up the pipe and into your house.  Under every drain there is a U-shaped trap that blocks these gasses from escaping the pipe through the drain.  A trap that has dried out or is otherwise faulty is almost always the cause of such pungent odors.  The trap carries a small amount of water that prevents these gasses from escaping the pipe.  First try pouring water down drains that are used infrequently.  If this does not solve the problem call a professional to determine the cause of the odor and to take appropriate action.
What happened to my water pressure?
A sudden and noticeable change in water pressure can be cause by a number of things, but the simplest to fix are usually those related to the water line or shutoff valve. Check your incoming lines and the valve to make sure there isn’t a kink or some other obvious physical obstruction and the valve is open all the way. Old pipes may have mineral deposits that have accumulated over decades. This is common in older homes.  If this is the cause of a water pressure drop, consider replacing the piping; cleaning them is only a temporary fix, and the problem will recur in time if antiquated plumbing is not replaced.

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